Non Pharmacology Stroke

Stroke is a condition where the brain damage of cause cells.

Stroke can devide into 2 case therea are:

  1. Hemorragic Symptome
  2. Ischemic Symptome

Stroke Hemorragic Symptome is bleeding on blood vessels in the brain vascularity which is brain cell is disruption of the supply such as oxygen and material which is need of the brain so the brain may occur bleeding for a few minutes.

Stroke Ischemic Symptome is obstacle on the blood vessel in the brain which is the brain obstacle by trombus and emboli from the heart.

The case which is pump of the hearth and failure heart valve can cause trombus and emboli release into the deep vascularity of the blood vessel.

The case of ischemic may occur obstacle in the blood vessels of the brain and trombus and emboly destroyed suplpy oxygen and other material which is need of the brain so the brain may occur the massif.

This occurs because the brain cells causing lack of oxygen could not breathe and die or are damaged.

Disruption of the supply of oxygen to the brain occurs due to flow towards the brain. Half-body paralysis caused by stroke or in medical diseases well known as hemiparese.

Thus the disease we should immediately resolve the stoke, one of the safe way to overcome stroke is by applying a non pharmacological.

Non pharmacological is appropriate for not handling the use of drugs (without drugs).

Here I will share tips on non pharmacological in stroke.

Non Pharmacological Stroke

1. Non Pharmacological In Stroke With A Healthy Diet

The main cause of occurrence of blockage of the blood vessels leading to the brain in people with stroke are evil fat or cholesterol that builds up, especially for patients with obesity.

With live programs healthy diet then the cholesterol clogging the blood flow will gradually be dissolved along with the blood.

So that blood flow to the brain to be smooth and dead cells in the brain are able to regenerate properly.

2. Non Pharmacological In Stroke With Routine Exercise

In order to smoothen the circulatory system going on inside the arteries is very important when doing a routine exercise, sufferers don't have to do a lot of sports spending power.

Simply by doing yoga and Tai Chi exercises is enough to improve blood circulation.

3. Non pharmacological With Stroke Avoid Fatty Foods

Fatty foods will be very potentially create blockages of the arteries in people with stroke are becoming increasingly severe.

Because fat is actually an evil oil that cannot be digested by the body.

So the fat will be buried in the body especially the blood vessels, with reduced fatty foods then the blood flow in the arteries could be better.

4. Non Pharmacological With Stroke Avoid Smoking

The content of nicotine contained in cigarettes can cause constriction of blood vessels or arteries.

So if that is the case in people with narrowing of the stroke then it will cause the disease increasingly even arteries or veins can be cut off and died.

Therefore it is very important in stroke sufferers don't smoke.

Stroke experienced by each person varies from attack, such as attacking the mouth, hands, eyes and much more.

And if it is left and does not immediately resolved early on then it will cause the sufferer to become endangered his life.

By applying a non pharmacological as I have conveyed above regularly every day.

Then the negative impact of this deadly disease can be minimised gradually. The review on non pharmacological in stroke.

I hope this info benefits to you, thanks.

Non Pharmacology Tuberculosis Disease

Tuberculosis diseases comes from the word tuberculosis (TB) which means is a small bulge. Tuberculosis is often we refer to as tuberculosis.

TB disease is a contagious disease and is very dangerous. These diseases become very dangerous because the virus attack on mycrobacterium tuberculosis lung organ part.

Small protrusions cause TB disease in the lungs, it causes the sufferer into sufferer shortness of breath and could even be threatened with death.

Symptoms of TB disease inflicted by this himself as cough and phlegm so fever for a month, shortness of breath or chest pain, hot and cold for over a month.

Decreased appetite and the secretion of sweat at night time without a clear reason.

To address the TB disease itself there are way more safe and effective, but many sufferers of TUBERCULOSIS who ran chemical-based medications.

The drugs are simply heal in pseudo and even the chemical drugs are able to give rise to the emergence of other penyakt such as kidney stones, heart and many more.

Therefore, we have to find proper solutions to tackle tuberculosis.

One way of handling secure and correct tuberculosis is to use non pharmacological or often we know the treatment without drugs.

Non pharmacological in the view as the proper way to address tuberculosis because it does not use harmful compounds, making it very safe to be carried out for sufferers.

In addition the non pharmacological is also very easy to do, if you have TB, here I will share tips on non pharmacological for TB disease.

Non Pharmacological For Tuberculosis Disease

1. Non Pharmacological By Consuming The Good Nutritious food

One of cause the emergence of TB disease is malnutrition such as minerals and vitamins.

Therefore it will be very important when the sufferers are routinely consuming nutritious food, the nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables and fish.

But avoid fruit that contain lots of fat evil or gases such as jack-fruit, pineapple fruit.

2. Non Pharmacological With Living in a Healthy Environment

A healthy environment will help sufferers of tuberculosis to get well soon.

Because the disease is caused by a virus so that if the sufferer being in an environment that is dirty then it will cause the virus growing so it will make things worse.

3. Non Pharmacological By Exercising Regularly

Probably almost all diseases can be treated by doing sports regularly, and so also for TB disease.

If the sufferer can exercise on a regular basis e.g. jogging or calisthenics, then it will help blood circulation and metabolism in the body to be smooth.

So the virus causes TUBERCULOSIS will not be able to develop or duplicating themselves into many.

4. Non Pharmacological By Reducing Sodium Salt and Caffeine

TB disease will be more severe when the sufferer is still routinely consume foods that contain a lot of sodium and caffeine.

Foods that contain a lot of sodium among other things such as shells, junk-food, instant sauces, alcohol and many more.

As for foods that contain caffeine such as coffee, capuccino, moccaino, cigarettes and tea (not for green tea).

By avoiding caffeinated food bernatrium or higher then the healing of TB disease can run well.

TB disease if not treated immediately, it will be very harmful, not just to the sufferer but also will have an impact to coexist or are nearby.

Tuberculosis can be transmitted through liquids released by the sufferer as:

  • Urine 
  • Saliva 
  • Sneezing and 
  • Much more

Thus by using the proper way of overcoming the TB disease such as therapeutic use of non Pharmacology above.

The ill effects of TB sufferers will be accepted will be reduced and even when done with routine.

TB disease suffered will be cured with the total, hope this info benefits to you, thanks.

Non Pharmacology Congestive Heart Failure Disease

Most of people in the world do not realize that the disease congestive heart is dangerous disease which is the valve of heart may obstruction so the case is more dangerous if we are not awarness.

The disease congestive heart failure is a medical symptom in which sufferers experience a failure of the heart in pumping blood throughout the body.

This occurs because the rate of blood that is pumped out of the heart at a rate slower than the blood that is pumped into the heart through a vein vessels, so can cause accumulation of fluid in the tissues.

Congestive heart failure disease usually appears due to other diseases such as myocardial infarction, coronary disease or heart valve disease.

Symptoms that might appear to someone who suffered from this disease congestive heart failure among other things such as swelling in the limbs or ankles, shortness of breath and fatigue when exerting energy.

In addition to heart failure also can make the sufferer to die suddenly. One way to tackle this is to use the drug.

But the drug actually just cause-effect relation and will even cause long-term dependence.

Therefore the most appropriate solution is to use a non pharmacological or treatment does not use drugs.

This treatment is much sought after by the patient of congestive heart failure because in addition to this non pharmacological is easily judged too secure.

The following tips on non pharmacological disease congestive heart failure:

Non Pharmacological Of Congestive Heart Failure Disease

1. Non Pharmacological With Change Your Lifestyle

Non pharmacological the first is a change in lifestyle, every human being has a different lifestyle, most of them don't pay attention to a healthy lifestyle.

Thus causing them susceptible to the disease, as well as sufferers of congestive heart failure, the patient will be in desperate need of a once healthy lifestyle.

Such as:
  • Not smoking
  • Drunkenness
  • The high consumption of fatty foods
  • Greasy food and
  • Much more

With so sufferers of congestive heart failure will increasingly improve relapse symptoms and does not cause the harm.

2. Non Pharmacological With Consumption of foods that are recommended

The food is highly recommended for sufferers of congestive heart failure is a food that has low fat like that found in vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Vegetables are good for heart failure disease sufferers is that many vegetables contain betacaroten mainly on broccoli and spinach.

As for the fruit of the sufferers can consume low-fat fruit such as avocado, pineapple, watermelon, guava and many more.

Then for sufferers of grain can consume whole grains rich in protein like soy and mung beans.

3. Non Pharmacological By Reducing Sugar Consumption

Sugar can be a trigger for the onset of obesity or overweight, while sugar can also cause disease diabetes.

Both of these diseases can aggravate the State of heart failure kengestif sufferers, because blood pressure became so great that the flow of venous vessels of the heart will be more distracted.

By reducing the consumption of sugar then the symptoms may be a relapse of the disease congestive heart failure can be minimised with ease.

Or if it could not reduce the consumption of sugar then replace sugar be sugar low fat.

That's a bit of review on non pharmacological disease congestive heart failure.

By doing these non pharmacological then relapse symptoms of this deadly disease will be resolved properly and reduce the risk of sudden death for sufferers.

Non pharmacological but should be applied regularly by sufferers.

It aims so that non pharmacological it can work optimally, non pharmacology do not make drug and injection so only the support of medical.

Hope the above information helps you, thank you.

Depression Treatment For Psychology Disorders

Different Forms Of Depression Treatment

Being a very flexible condition, it is not surprising to learn that the medical community believes that the treatment for depression should also be flexible.

There are various options available for people who do have one form of depression or another, and most of them can be modified to suit a patient’s needs.

Cognitive Therapy

The purpose of cognitive therapy is to identify the changes and pessimistic perspectives that may be contributing to a person’s depression.

The depressed are often said to see the world in negative terms, with even small problems capable of being turned into major disasters.

The goal of the therapist in cognitive therapy is to help identify the situations that cause these negative thoughts and slowly help the patient adjust their view to a more positive or realistic one.

Behavioral Therapy

While cognitive therapy aims to adjust the patient perspective to ease depression, behavioral therapy attempts to change behavior that contribute to the symptoms.

The objective is to identify the internal factors behind depression, such as actions and behaviors that might affect a person’s feelings.

Part of how it works is the identification of activities that the patient might find pleasant, then helping that patient spend more time enjoying them, rather than being depressed.

The concept is that, as you engage in more activities to lift your mood, the less depressed you feel.

Interpersonal Therapy

This last approach, interpersonal therapy, focuses on relationships and how they affect the person with depression.

While the two above focus on environmental and internal factors, this method chooses to examine and repair the damage done on a social level.

The goal is to resolve conflicts caused by the condition, improve the social skills of the depressed, and allow them to become more involved with their own family, co-workers, and friends.

Sufficient sleep nourishes the immune system and enables it to function at its best

The health benefits of sleep extend beyond the refreshed feeling that is experienced in the morning. It not only recharges one's energy levels, but also replenishes the major body systems.

Sufficient sleep nourishes the immune system and enables it to function at its best

When people sleep, the body repairs itself, building bone, muscle, and other tissues that are needed by the body to function at its best.

Improved mental well-being is also one of the health benefits that can be achieved through sufficient sleep.

It allows the mind to unwind, regroup, and adjust to the stress and issues that are experienced in daily lives.

Sleep is essential in keeping neurotransmitters and chemicals in the brain balanced allowing the body to promote proper well-being.

However many individuals fail to achieve these health benefits because of sleep difficulties that are encountered.

Nutritionists and dietitians advise these individuals to head to the kitchen and munch on foods that may relax tense muscles, calm the mind, and promote the production of serotonin and melatonin hormones that are known to induce sleep.

Here is the list of top foods that may promote sound sleep


This fruit is said to be rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that is converted into melatonin and serotonin. This fruit also contains magnesium, a known muscle relaxant.

Warm milk

A kind of protein naturally found in milk may improve sleep quality and alertness the next day. It contains alpha-lactalbumin which is rich in tryptophan.

Milk promotes sound sleep and without the side effects that are often experienced after taking sleep-inducing medications.


Honey may act as a sedative because the right amount of glucose tells the brain to turn off orexin, a neurotransmitter that is linked to alertness.


Oats may sooth the digestive and nervous system.

The easiest way to improve sleep is consume a serving of oatmeal everyday.

But begin with small servings because too much oatmeal may cause gas.


This meat is probably the most famous source of tryptophan.

However tryptophan works when the stomach is basically empty, and when there are carbohydrates.

Two lean slices of turkey on whole wheat bread are perfect sleep inducers.

If these food still does not fix one's sleep they may use over the counter and prescription drugs as treatment for their sleep disorder.

But before using them, these individuals are advised to seek the approval of health professionals.

They may recommend certain medicines that are required for your health needs.

Rozerem is a sleep aid medication that has gained the approval of countless health professionals across America.

This drug does not have a limitation for the duration of its use because it is not considered as a narcotic drug.

Again, this is an important distinction since many insomnia drugs are indicated for use during a seven to ten day period only because of the potential for drug dependency.

However, the approval of doctors should be sought before taking this drug.

This is important to prevent the development of side effects, drug interactions, and other health complications.